Historical costume design and just some notes. This post is not entertaining. Mostly informative.

I’m obsessed with costume design now. Every time I find a way to be slightly inspired I go overboard and my heart becomes addicted and enthralled with whatever new ideas I get to explore. Recently that creative thing has been historical costuming- even more specifically the late Georgian era. I’m fascinated by the ways that our modern society has altered what would’ve been just normal wear to seem almost sensual. It’s less of a fascination at this point and more of an angry wish that people would simply understand the true nature of fashion design from that era. (Or any era honestly). For some odd reason, we think of people of the past as antiquated little people or dumbed down versions of what we are now. When in reality they were clever and creative and found beautiful natural ways to complete tasks and fulfill needs. I think it’s a little ignorant to argue that their way of solving problems was inferior to ours. (obviously some were, but not all). I am going to share a bit about corsets and the unnecessary drama regarding them. I am peeved by the way that corsets and stays are represented in media. Corsets and stays were not traps and we’re not tediously forced onto women who would nearly faint from the inability to breathe. Corsets simply aided the women of the time in achieving the silhouette that was fashionable at the time. Corsets and stays were not all that uncomfortable, they were never female traps, and they were not made to enhance a sexualized figure and they should not be treated as such. Say it with me. No more corset slander.

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