Everything is the moon these days

I was so impressed with the moon a few weeks ago. I took a picture of it. Normally I don’t go back and look at photos because I feel like I’m not living in the moment if I spend a ton of time looking through the past events from my camera roll. i digress. The moon was beautiful and I wish that we had a name to call her. i love the way that our brains adjust what we see to make the world make sense. i love that circles often represent moons and suns and planets. dimes and quarters and waterbottle caps traced on paper make moons, front porch lights and headlights on cars when I blur my eyes make moons. Anything can be adjusted enough to make sense. You just have to be willing to view things from a blurred perspective. sometimes not knowing everything leads to a pleasant result. I need to trust that all will be revealed when the timing is right. seeing moons is ok for now.

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