“Blue of Distance”

I think I can become inspired by truly anything if I just feel like being inspired. I find inspiration in the most mundane, silly, pointless things, but its who I am so I will not apologize. I never really liked the color blue just as a color. But I love it in nature. Not necessarily in the sky. I prefer storms, and heavy grey clouds. But I like distant blues. Last semester, I read a portion of a book: A field guide to getting lost. The chapter I read was about the blue of distance and it’s really stuck with me and has altered my perception of the world. I talk about this little chapter to people all the time. I’ve printed it out and posted a section of it on my wall in my room. The author writes that “The world is blue at its edges and in its depths”. Anything far away during the daytime has a sad blue hue, doesn’t it? Blue is such a longing color. The closer we get to the blue in the distance the less blue it becomes. A little ironic isn’t it? the closer we get to it, the more the blues just like to run away till we seek them out in some other odd lonely corner of the earth. It's a bittersweet feeling knowing that the blue is simply an illusion; a way for our eyes to perceive distance. When we come close enough to the trees, buildings, cars, big metal trucks, giant billboards with meaningless photos and slogans on them, we realize that the blue silhouettes are not blue at all. The colors that were once so impressive from far away are a little less magical. Sometimes seeing something from far away, recognizing the longing we feel, but not acting on it is far better than being disappointed. I‘s rather look at the bland tan walls of the comfort inn building through a far off blue longing lens. Sometimes its a little nicer to be deceived by beautiful illusions.

I love the way that Monet explored light and color. This is such a great example of longing blues.

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