Autumn is clear

preface: broke up with my boyfriend. Something about autumn is full of recognition. I’m learning a lot about myself and recognizing so much. Autumn is newness and passage of time and clarity that comes from waiting.

autumn is so clear. I still recognize you

even after the change

I see you. you’re there and

you're different

and clear.

same gentleness and care

same tactics

same comfort

same need to receive from me more than I could possibly give.

autumn covered years in the cage I agreed I should be locked up in.

i looked up at autumn realizing how far I had fallen. and the sky waits. Blues and greens. I’m there.

the autumn is inevitable and I’m desperate to be free.

im gone and forgotten and now I am only yours in shadows and memories.

autumn took you away from me

autumn is so clear

i see your goals and I’m satisfied.

I understand things now. I see so plainly how things should be and how far from my heart you were

autumn taught that to me.

you are so permanent.

For years, all I saw was you.

you are permanent

and everywhere.

and even then I’m free

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