Allowing Happiness !

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

I can’t represent truth, passion, and the joy I feel as a follower of Christ if I’m constantly flying between so many emotions. I resolve to stop being so distraught. I can still create beautiful things when I’m happy. In fact, I’ll probably feel more motivated to create good things when I am happy. Some of my favorite roles were done well because I felt uplifted, joyful, confident, and peaceful. Some of my best artwork is done from a place of peace. Art is often a result of peace or a pathway to peace. I don’t have to feel completely forlorn to create good things. I’m writing this so I can look back and realize that while sadness is okay, it should not be my motivation. Dear Future Karlina, take a break from your feelings for a bit. Make something nice without needing a motivation. It is okay to make things without an agenda.

There aren’t many happy artists. Artists are typically moody and far too deep into their feelings. I will not be that way. I refuse to be like every other great artist. I will be happy, content, and joyful, even if it means I have to trade in some off my deep, passionate feelings. It is far better to live a joyful life than to be great and terribly sad.

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