A general state of melancholy

I feel sicker by the day. I rarely feel that I’m where I should be.

you know that feeling in the middle of a road trip where it suddenly hits you that your ears are about to start popping, you miss home, you have hours left of being trapped in a car, and you've run out of things to watch and you can’t read because your head will hurt more than it already does? That’s where I am in almost every sense. I mean, I’m sitting on a couch and I can hear people in the distance, but my chest feels so heavy and my head hurts so bad that I feel like I’m stuck in a car. Almost numb. Like there’s huge hills I’m driving over on a blank road with no trees and a heavy heavy blank sky. something is sitting heavily on my chest and I miss home. So here I stay. In a constant state of melancholy. I’m trying to get out of it.

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