My story

I believe that God's love inspires creation. My deepest hope is that the glorious nature of God is displayed through authentic representations of truth. This is often established through artistic expression.  


I often find myself completely immersed in the beauty I see all around me. Sometimes I cannot help but release myself from the bounds of worldly logic and I realize that the most beautiful things are those that could have only come about through an act of divine inspiration. I want my work, the expressions of my heart and mind to represent the love that brought the world into existence. I want my work to reflect beauty that established the vast galaxies, beauty that mends lost souls, beauty that inspires glorious revelation, and beauty that brings together humanity and holiness through an incredible act of selflessness.


Much of my existence is dedicated to establishing meaning and purpose. I create because I have a deep desire to reflect the original Creator. The act of creation is an act of worship to the one who created me. The things that inspire me to create are the things of beauty that only the purest form of unearthly holiness could inspire.


I am an extremely passionate and emotionally driven individual. You may come to realize that some of my tastes and much of my inspiration is filled with melancholy themes and human deprivation. This is because truth is often communicated through deeply sorrowful themes. Truth and beauty is often realized through an honest representation of the deprivation that we as humans experience. I think of the many times that God uses brokenness, heartache, turmoil, and even death to bring about truth and realization of why we desperately need hope. 

Authentic representations of truth are what inspire and motivate me. I hope that my work produces similar reactions from those seeking truth, goodness, and beauty.  

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About Karlina

Karlina is a 20 year old student who spends much of her time creating beauty through performance and art. She spends much of her time teaching musical theatre, stage managing, and growing as a member of the leadership with CYT San Antonio. She is passionate about helping others find peace, rest, joy, and hope through a process of creativity. She hopes to generate reactions through her work as a performing artist and as a designer.

Karlina is currently attending Texas State University and is seeking to earn a degree in Communication Design. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.